Shining Moments - 非一般的成長過程 An extraordinary childhood

只要衝破那心理關口,其實殊途同歸根本沒分 / 別,「迥異」、「截然不同」、「不一樣」都只是形容詞而已;從沒因別人投以奇異眼光而妄自菲薄,不會小覷自身力量,未曾為不理想成長環境作出怨懟,沒覬覦過奢華生活,只求為報答曾經攙扶過自己的人回饋社會,為不幸運兒拓墾更多可能性、豁然大道。


You will achieve the same results regardless of the formulas you use. It is just about breaking through the psychological barrier.
"Different" and "Disparity" are simply a description. They have never looked down on themselves nor complained about growing under poor conditions. They simply open themselves up and hope to reciprocate and contribute to society.

Some of them have an extraordinary experience during their childhood, and being labelled “differently”. However, they embrace the positive and pursue their dreams even in the face of adversity.