Shining Moments - 追夢的夜鶯


面對人口高齡化社會,銀杏館旨在令大眾更加關注長者就業問題,給予銀髮族更多工作機會,讓他們光輝歲月中能活出更豐饒的人生;透過派 / 取福飯的過程凝聚不同的人,領悟了施與受雙程路同時付出和貢獻的欣悅,匯聚了愛的流動,同時亦注滿燃燒生命到最後一刻的沸騰熱血!

「 八十歲的我仍然有好多夢想去追尋!」

Life is in a hurry and stepping into the second half of it is like entering the second life. Age is just a number and it is never too late to chase dreams. Our senior citizens hope to selflessly help disadvantaged groups in their remaining time of life to reach the realm of contentment. Nightingale sings out his nocturne!

In the face of an ageing society, Ginkgo Houses aim to arouse public awareness towards the issue of elderly employment, and to provide more job opportunities to elderlies, so that they can live a fruitful life in their glorious years; through the process of giving/receiving meals to cohere with different people, to feel the joy of both contributing and receiving, to converge the flow of love, and to be filled with passions until the last moment of life!

"I still have many dreams to pursue at my year of eighty!"